The technical workshop

A suggestion box for digital professionals

This workshop is an area dedicated to computer engineers and/or digital technicians who want to make hardware more high performance, enable them to reduce costs, and contribute to progress and generalizing digital education through their innovations.

This space should make it possible to exhibit the needs and ideas of teaching users of teaching ICTs who would like to trigger new research in technological and industrial fields in order to have more high-performance tools.

Technological research

Research in technologies dedicated to developing digital teaching tools.

It is a question of improving the performance of hardware and making hardware more accessible to greater numbers and eventually to have new resources to improve the quality of teaching and training of teachers digitally.

This way, we submit our needs and ideas to technicians, engineers, industrialists, and developers in order to be able to have new, better performing tools than those we have today. 

Non-exhaustive list of needs and ideas

- How to control the IDB interface

- Tablet between the teachers PC tablet and the students’ tablets with wireless technologies?

- How to transform a portable telephone into a mouse for the IDB able to simulate and recognize professional movements?

- How to develop cheap solar power supplies for IDBs?

- How to develop very low consumption projectors?

- How to develop an all-in-one Sankoré computer/video projector?


Interactive whiteboards based on the WiiMote: validation on the field 
Massimo Bosetti, Pietro Pilolli et Marco Ronchetti
Dipartimento di Ingegneria e Scienza dell'Informazione (Università degli Studi di Trento, Italy, 2011)

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