Helping informal teaching

The Sankoré program is committed to helping schools in the informal education sector, these schools, often paid for by parents, part of the African reality, have little means, which meet the needs of children who are not enrolled in school or who have dropped out, who have been cast aside by education, particularly girls.

The Sankoré is open to NGOs involved in the informal education sector


he partnership with REPTA, the Education Network for Everyone in Africa, has helped to show that in extreme situations (street schools, night schools, shantytowns) IDBs, far from being a privileged tool of the rich, are well adapted to teaching the most underprivileged.

The partnership between REPTA and DIENA is developing in all partnership countries of the Sankoré program: in Burkina Faso, Mali, Senegal, Madagascar...



Haïti Futur

Digital education in Haiti, via the Sankoré program, is on the march with the HAITI-FUTUR association supported by the Fondation de France.

One hundred Sankoré digital classes are being deployed in prefabricated classrooms.

Haitian teachers are already developing their content in line with the Haitian program by using Open-Sankoré software.



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