The digital class and the interactive digital board or wall (IDB or IDW)

The Sankoré Digital Class

The Sankoré program is designed for the development of the digital education revolution in Africa without a break from the countries of the North.

Its goal is to help achieve the Millennium Development Goals for education, particularly in helping fight illiteracy.

 The Sankoré is dedicated to the teacher who is equipped with a Sankoré high-tech, low cost" Digital Classroom. They have their personal laptop computer that gives them unrestricted, free access to all the digital teaching resources they need (to give the class throughout the school year) and a interactive digital board or wall (IDB or IDW). The IDB or IDW transforms, on a simple whiteboard or a wall, its little personal screen into a gigantic computer screen.

The teacher or students can interact with an interactive pen on the video projection: they can write, erase, display text, illustrations, multimedia resources (video, 3D) animations, interactive exercises. Thus, complex ideas can be better understood and better learned. Students learn with pleasure.

The IDB or IDW enriches educational practices. It quickly becomes indispensable to teachers. Interactive video projectors make it possible to have a gigantic image. They are particularly adapted to African classes where the number of students often reaches a hundred and even more.

Sankoré Digital Classes can operate without an internet connection because the interactive digital educational resources (unrestricted, open, and free) are downloaded onto the computer.

Access to electricity, often a question in Africa, is a necessary condition for the operation of a digital class.  In the absence of an electrical grid, diesel generators are already one solution. Technological progress in solar electricity and the arrival of low energy consumption video projectors will very quickly enable access to autonomous equipment under favorable economic conditions.

Without waiting, where there is no electricity, Sankoré is developing special solar equipment, particularly with “Electricians without Borders” (ESF).

The features of the Sankoré Digital Class.

The main traditional tools used for teaching a class such as blackboards and chalk, wall maps, paper posters, or more recently PowerPoint slides or films on DVD on projected computers...are all offered by a single system. With more new possibilities for educational interactions.

The Open-Sankoré, which can be downloaded for free onto the teacher’s computer lets them use all the digital resources for interactive teaching (“User Manual”).

It lets the teacher adapt the resources offered in their own way, to modify them, or and above all, to create new ones.

The Planet Sankoré platform makes it possible to exchange and share, within pooling and capitalization networks, all resources produced by teachers which generate a collaborative enrichment for all... 

  • The teacher is helped by digital, but they are the ones teaching first and foremost.

  • The digital media is no substitute for the teacher.

  • The teacher remains the main player.

Tutorials on interactive digital teaching on ICTs

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